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2021 Technology Awards Ceremony

Technology Award


Every spring semester, MDEEP awards a technology package to four dedicated, hard-working seniors located in the Mississippi Delta, who plan to graduate high school and attend either a two- or four-year college. Approximately 70% of people who live in the Mississippi Delta do not have access to broadband internet. An even higher percentage will go to college without the technology needed to realize success. MDEEP believes that access to technology is paramount in providing students with an equitable opportunity to learn and grow in college.

If granted the MDEEP Technology Award, the student will receive a package totaling $500. Packages will include:

  • Laptop

  • Printer

  • Toner

  • Ink

The idea for the MDEEP Technology Award came out of Johnathan Hill's scholarship, Aspire to Inspire: Phoenix Scholarship, for graduating seniors at West Tallahatchie High School (Johnathan's alma mater). MDEEP hopes to carry on Johnathan's legacy and extend the opportunity to all students in need who live in the Mississippi Delta.

Minimum Requirements Include:

  • Graduating Senior at a school in one of the following counties: Bolivar, Coahoma, Leflore, Panola, Quitman, Sunflower, Tallahatchie, or Tunica.

  • Have been accepted to a two- or four-year college.

Interested in applying for the scholarship? Email for more details or contact us through our contact page.

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