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Johnathan Hill

Board President

Johnathan Hill is a proud product of the Mississippi Delta and holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Jackson State University and a M.A. in Teaching from the University of Mississippi. Born and raised in Glendora, MS -- located on the west side of Tallahatchie County -- he has always had a passion for educating and improving students' learning and access to educational and professional opportunity. Johnathan has experience in serving as a classroom teacher and education researcher. In fact, it was his experiences as a student and mathematics teacher at West Tallahatchie High School that fostered his interests in improving the educational experiences of students in the Mississippi Delta. Johnathan believes in the creation of organizations such as the Mississippi Delta Equitable Education Project in order to help combat the educational inequities of students from the Mississippi Delta. In hopes of assisting in this combat, Johnathan has created the Aspire to Inspire: Phoenix Scholarship for graduating West Tallahatchie students and is currently pursuing doctoral studies in the Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education Program at Michigan State University with interests in producing scholarship around race, culture, and equity with emphasis on improving the schooling and educating of African-Americans, who make up the majority of the student population in the Mississippi Delta. 

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