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Backpack Drive


MDEEP is proud to partner with teachers, school administrators, school districts, and communities to help raise funds to supply backpacks and school supplies to children in the Mississippi Delta. 

Students in the Mississippi Delta often do not have the resources available to them to purchase materials for the new school year. Materials like backpacks, notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, and calculators can be very expensive, especially for families with more than one child in the home. Students often do not begin attending school until they have the required materials to be successful. This means that some students may miss the first month of school if they do not have any materials. 

MDEEP has made it our mission to supply as many students as possible in the Mississippi Delta with backpacks and school supplies before the start of the school year. In 2021, MDEEP distributed over 300 backpacks with school supplies to students in over six counties across the Delta. In 2022, we hoper to raise enough funds to distribute 500!

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